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The importance of soft skills

Beyond a candidate’s technical skills and flawless academic background, is being endowed with soft skills all that important in a technical role?

Working in supply chain

As a supply chain professional, the responsibility is to secure opportunities that could improve the company's bottom line.

Move into technical healthcare

Growing domestic medical demands have resulted in more job openings in the industry. Find out if moving into technical healthcare is right for you.

Questions to ask your interviewer

An interview is a two-way street. Here are six questions you should be asking your interviewer to show your enthusiasm and interest for the role.

Be a healthcare product manager

As the continuous increase in demand for medical services grows globally, healthcare companies are in search of experienced product managers. Find out more about the role.

Getting into FMCG marketing

A career in brand management – as glamorous as it appears to be – can be extremely competitive and challenging. Find out more about how to get into FMCG marketing.

Becoming a tax specialist

While demand for tax specialists in Vietnam is high, this remains an exclusive market to break into. In this article we share more about the job and if it is for you.

4 key traits of a 21st century leader

Organisations today require a new breed of leaders as globalisation changes how the world operates. What are the key traits a 21st century leader should possess?

Networking for IT professionals

IT professionals are often the backbone of an organisation. Without the technology and tools to keep companies can come to a standstill. So how do IT professionals get noticed?