Come Home Phở Good Success Story: Lace Nguyen

Lace Nguyen

Lace Nguyen
Copywriter at a tech start-up

Lace lived the dream of many young Vietnamese – she studied in the United States, graduating with a high GPA of 3.82; interned at renowned luxury fashion houses Armani and Bottega Veneta; and worked as a fashion copywriter for luxury retailer Bloomingdale’s. In 2017, she left the United States to go back to Vietnam to work.  

“When I returned to Vietnam in 2017, there were some who questioned why I gave up ‘the dream’ just to be close to my family,” shared Lace. “To me, I simply saw it as another route I could take to achieve my career goals.”

Although her family was part of the reason why she decided to make the move home, Lace had realised that her experience would be highly valued back in Vietnam. Businesses in the country were strengthening their online and mobile presence while making plans to internationalise, and demand was growing for bilingual marketers. 

“Competition in the States as a copywriter was definitely tougher – there are so many more people who could write well in English,” said Lace. “I knew it would be far easier for me to find a career as a writer in Vietnam given that I can write in both English and Vietnamese, and have experience in digital marketing.”

Through Robert Walters’ Come Home Phở Good campaign, Lace was introduced to a job opportunity at a fintech startup in Vietnam. Although fintech wasn’t a field she was familiar with, Lace was drawn in by the dynamic environment of a startup and the learning opportunities. 

“While I have a passion for fashion, I felt that it would be best for me to gain exposure to other fields,” said Lace. “The experience would give me greater flexibility and versatility as a writer, which I believe are essential traits in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.”

Lace is also now a regular contributor to Harper’s Bazaar and Her World, and has more than 10 articles published, including cover stories and profile interviews.

“Had I remained in the United States, I’m not sure I would have gotten opportunities like these,” shared Lace. “I feel like I’ve grown so much professionally since my return and I’m glad I made the choice to move back to Vietnam. I see so many exciting opportunities back, and I hope that more young Vietnamese will make the choice to come home and build their careers here.”

Find out how you can Come Home Phở Good to a better career back home. Contact Trang Truong, International Candidate Manager, Robert Walters Vietnam at today.

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