Come Home Phở Good Success Story: Vinnie Luyen, Standard Chartered Bank


Who? Vinnie Luyen, Process Efficiency Manager

Where? Standard Chartered Bank, Vietnam

How long? Since 2016




Having been successfully placed at Standard Chartered by Robert Walters Vietnam's Come Home Phở Good program, Vinnie Luyen explains how the recruitment company helped him in his professional journey and his views on the program.

Please describe the responsibilities of your new role in Standard Chartered Bank, Vietnam.

"At Standard Chartered Bank, I work as a process efficiency manager. Essentially, I provide management consulting for process improvement and customer service strategies."

Where were you before this? What motivated you to move to Vietnam to work?

"I was in the United States before this and spent the last four years in management consulting for technology and payment industries.

"Over time, I was motivated by Vietnam's growth prospects and the country's vibrant culture and people.

"In addition, I'm appreciative of the fact that this opportunity allows me to share best practices and skills to help my current client. I'm also excited about learning different ways of doing business in an emerging country."

How did the Come Home Phở Good program help you in advancing your career in Vietnam? 

"This program puts Robert Walters ahead of the game due to the forward thinking dimension it provides to clients.

"Anna Hoang and Kate Tran are great professionals who are able to help expats such as myself align experiences with roles."

Would you recommend the programme to other Vietnamese residing overseas? 

"Absolutely. This program is what sets Robert Walters apart in my view. It has a good focus and it gives an edge to those overseas Vietnamese who want to come back to the country and work."

In your experience, what did you love most about working with Robert Walters?

"Firstly, I was impressed by the firm's professionalism and the knowledge of its people.

"The company is also able to provide and offer top tier roles."

How would you summarise the work culture in Vietnam?

"The work culture is pretty open and people here work hard. Overall, it is a decent place to make an imprint on your area of expertise."

What advice would you give to someone who is coming in to Vietnam to work from overseas? 

"Respect local processes and be open to self-learning. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. Be adaptable and humble."

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