Companies need to build data capabilities for seamless customer journey

For the second year in a row, Vietnam had to coexist with the COVID-19 pandemic, and on the whole, corporations were way better equipped to deal with the situation than the year before. More than ever, companies had to understand than “Going Digital” is now a must and not an option anymore. Now, companies that look long-term, adapt fast, and relate to their customers in a more agile way ultimately come out on top. That has made for a very dynamic hiring market within Vietnam’s digital landscape in 2021.Alejandro Perez Higuero, Manager of Digital at Robert Walters Vietnam, provides an update on the hiring market in 2021, and forecasts what lies ahead for candidates and hiring managers alike in 2022.

Building strong sales and customer success teams

Alejandro shares, “2022 will see consumer behaviors and priorities being reshaped once more. As a result, there will be a greater shift towards Omnichannel. Companies will need talent to support them to build their data capabilities in order to be able to design seamless customer journeys.”

Inspired by the agile culture and tech start-ups, building growth strategies that can adapt the business direction to the market demands is also going to be a big priority for both start-ups and multinational companies looking to scale their business at speed and low cost.

He also points out, “Vietnam’s software-as-a-service industry has already taken off quickly in 2021. But in this coming year, SaaS companies will direct their attention towards stack specialisation, blending marketing and technology, and building very strong and outstanding sales and customer success teams with a strong subject-specific expertise.”

Leaders with integrated vision for omnichannel strategies

“For Digital in 2022, leadership skills are going to be highly sought after, as organisations are constantly undergoing transformation, and companies need talent who can manage and inspire individuals and groups, communicate well, and adjust to unexpected situations by taking risks. The ability to form an integrated vision for omnichannel strategies is also a rare skill for which demand is growing a lot,” Alejandro reveals.

And technical skill sets in demand include performance and growth marketing and data analytics. Regarding data, it’s no longer just about data collection but really making business sense of data in order to get to know your customer in a better way, and therefore being able to optimise marketing strategies to meet the needs of complex customer journeys.

Attracting talent with great soft skills and cultural fit

Hiring managers will do well to follow the 70/30 rule in the year ahead. This means steering your hiring towards attracting talent with great soft skills and a great cultural fit, which will have typically successfully performed within already 70% of the job requirements, and still have a room for growth in the 30% of the remaining functions. This will help companies to find top-notch digital candidates in a market of strong demand but lower talent supply.

To attract the best talent is to hire based on potential. Look for candidates who fulfill 70% of requirements, with room for growth in the remaining 30%.

Digital talent growing steadily

Alejandro explains, “Salaries for digital roles will not change greatly in Vietnam in 2022, as the amount of available digital talent in Vietnam is growing at a steady pace. Salaries might even decrease in the e-commerce segment, as companies tap on new partners, technologies and channels through a trend of democratisation’ in e-commerce.”

However, the demand for more technical marketing approaches means that salaries for performance marketing, especially growth practitioners and data-driven roles, will be rising.

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