Vietnam picks up and adapts the latest hiring trends

In the second year of Covid-19, organisations in Vietnam have picked up the latest trends in hiring. They have now adapted to processes, such as virtual interviews, remote onboarding, and remote training.

Within Healthcare sector, big MNCs have even intensified their recruitment efforts as they ramp up their expansion plans, while small and medium-sized companies didn’t expand as rapidly. Overall hiring demand remained stable. Meanwhile, Covid-19 has also deepened the emphasis on healthy lifestyles, sports, food and beverages. Over the last year, consumer packaged goods (CPG) in Vietnam grew significantly, though at a slower pace than 2020.

Phuc Pham, Associate Director of Sales & Marketing (Industrial, Healthcare, FMCG) at Robert Walters Vietnam, provides an update on the hiring market in 2021, and forecasts what lies ahead for candidates and hiring managers alike in 2022.

Talents with multinational organization experience

Phuc shares, “Looking ahead in 2022, for the healthcare sector, there will be high demand from the consumer space, as Vietnamese people are now paying more attention to their health and the use of vitamins and nutritional products. MNCs will have a bigger need for senior-level hires, especially among the sales and field force function. Vietnamese manufacturers, meanwhile, will be searching for talents with experience in multinational organisations, as they look to strengthen their capabilities.

On the whole, companies will also need to comply with new regulations from the government, driving up demand for strategy lead and market access roles.

He also adds, “2022 will see new developments in Consumer & Retail sector, as the pandemic has reshaped consumer behaviour and preferences. We’ll see a greater need for route-to-market managers that can help companies adapt their go-to-market strategies.”

Online ordering is now also a norm for many consumers, so key account managers will need to be able to manage modern trade channels. Companies are also revitalising their brand image and messaging for these new times, and of course will rely on brand managers for fresh approaches to customer segmentation, channel management, brand positioning, and more.

Soft skillsets are highlights for consumer and retails industries

“In 2022, soft skillsets stand out as the most important for Consumer & Retail. These include crisis management and problem solving, emotional intelligence and flexibility and adaptability. Companies want talent who can manage and inspire people, communicate well, and adjust to unexpected situations in uncertain times,” Phuc highlights.

Across the board in healthcare, candidates with international work exposure whether they are Vietnamese, or foreigners will be extremely sought after. New companies are still entering the Vietnam market, so we can expect the market to look for candidates with general management exposure in medical devices.

As he elaborates further, “Within consumer healthcare, marketing candidates who have prior experience with digital transformation will be also in high demand.”

Promote work-life balance and mental well-being

As Phuc explains, “For the Consumer & Retail space, I have three pieces of advice for hiring managers in 2022. First, create a smart onboarding process that goes beyond the job descriptions, teach your employees about the company culture and how they can thrive every day at work. Next, earn their trust and they will go above and beyond in their job. Finally, promote a work-life balance mentality. Employees appreciate management that respect and create a healthy culture of work-life balance.”

For Healthcare sector, hiring managers need to know that among the talent pool, professionals are reluctant to explore new opportunities in the other companies. With Covid-19, they seek for stability and are looking more at opportunities internally, be it promotions, rotations, or requesting a new job scope.

He says, “That’s why it will be important for hiring managers to retain your current employees. Offer them new responsibilities or promotion opportunities so that they can stay with you and grow with the business.”

When it comes to recruiting new employees, consider hiring based on potential. Be open to talent from outside of Vietnam, such as overseas-based Vietnamese. These are promising candidates with skillsets and exposure from their time abroad.

Be open to talent outside of Vietnam, such as overseas-based Vietnamese, who have international experience and valuable skills.

Provide incentive scheme and health benefits

Phuc reveals, “The pandemic may still be ongoing, but we expect salaries to rise for Consumer & Retail in 2022. Candidates have fought through difficult times to achieve positive results in 2021, so they will expect sharp increments in their salaries.”

“Meanwhile, salary increments for healthcare will stay consistent in 2022 at a 15 – 20% rise. Instead, we can expect to see more companies investing in efforts to retain their existing staff. This includes monetary schemes such as retention bonuses or long-term service incentives, but also mental health and physical benefits like gym allowances and training sessions,” Phuc highlights. 

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