Bloomberg BNA: Foreign companies shift from expat to local staff


Foreign companies are increasingly replacing expatriate with local employees in Vietnam and drawing diaspora employees back to the country, Jon Whitehead, Country Manager for Robert Walters Vietnam, said in a recent interview with Bloomberg BNA at the launch of the Robert Walters annual Global Salary Survey.

The article noted that bringing talent back from abroad has become an attractive option for employers facing a limited workpool in Vietnam and neighboring countries. Robert Walters is also tapping the “returnee” community for clients in Singapore and Indonesia.

"It's something we're certainly doing across Southeast Asia", said Jon Whitehead

Andrew Humphreys, Manager, commented,

"The fact that returnees often speak Vietnamese allows them to transfer skills to locals, which can save money and time for employers by allowing them to phase out foreign staff and rely on Vietnamese."

“Almost every multinational company now is starting to move toward finding local Vietnamese to hold most senior positions,” Humphreys said. “One of the very obvious things is, an expat is very expensive. And the other thing is, longevity. If you hire an expat, you get him for two to three years. If you hire a local, you get him for 10 to 15 years.”

For the full Bloomberg BNA’s coverage of the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey for the Vietnam market, please read: “Foreign Companies Shift From Expat to Local Staff” (Source: Bloomberg BNA, February 20, 2015)

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