Robert Walters Vietnam raises over VND45 million for Charity Day 2019

The Robert Walters Group held its annual fundraising event on 11 October 2019. Over 40 Robert Walters staff came together on this day to raise a total of VND45 million for non-governmental organisation (NGO) Passerelles numeriques Vietnam.

A united effort

To raise as much as possible for Passerelles numeriques, all the teams organised and ran their own fundraising activities. The office auction saw the most funds raised, and we’d like to thank PepsiCo, Nivea, Diageo and Belgo for sponsoring the items that were part of the auction.

We started the day with a team-based game to see how well the staff understood each other. This was followed by manager challenges, which included makeovers, cosplaying, cardio activities and dancing. We ended the day enjoying the delicious cocktails and beer that were sponsored by our clients and auctioned off to the teams. 

“It was a meaningful day filled with fun and laughter. Many thanks to generous donations from all Robert Walters members. In total, we raised over VND45 million for our charity of choice, Passerelles numeriques Vietnam, which supports underprivileged children, providing them with an IT education and helping them find jobs. Our donation will help pursue a three-year training course in technology, which I believe will go a long way towards helping them escape poverty in a sustainable way,” said Adrien Bizouard, country manager of Robert Walters Vietnam. 

Supporting Passerelles numériques 

Passerelles numeriques is a French NGO created in 2005 and it operates in Cambodia, Vietnam and the Phillippines. In Danang, Vietnam, they offer three-year training in software development and web development for underprivileged students in seven provinces in Vietnam. Passerelles numeriques covers all training expenses and living expenses, supports students to find a job in the IT sector, which helps them escape poverty in a sustainable way.

Find out more about Passerelles numeriques at

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