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As Vietnam’s economy hurtles forward and the demand for professionals who can constantly adapt and respond to rapid technological advances grows, potential-based hiring becomes imperative. In our newly issued guidebook “Grow your talent, hire based on potential”, companies who hire for potential, not experience, see a 94% success rate in recruiting quality hires. Yet a significant number (42%) of hiring managers remain hesitant to hire high-potential candidates despite recruitment challenges. 

Adrien Bizouard, Country Manager of Robert Walters Vietnam pointed out that high potential candidates are typically people whose CVs may not match the job descriptions, but they possess traits such as willingness to learn, motivated, better engagement which allow them to perform and succeed in the job. Hiring based on potential is highlighting an opportunity for employers and employees to learn from each other.

The e-guide covers how HR and hiring managers can build an effective recruitment process that takes into account potential throughout every step of the journey:

  1. Kicking off the recruitment process
  2. Interviewing for high potential
  3. Making a decision
  4. Onboarding

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To explore the benefits of hiring high potential individuals, download our latest e-guide: Grow your talent, Hire base on potential.

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