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Working in supply chain

As a supply chain professional, the responsibility is to secure opportunities that could improve the company's bottom line.

Work in compensation & benefits

As the employment landscape in Vietnam gets increasingly competitive, the C&B function is ever more critical. Here's how you can move into C&B.

Why come home

As a key emerging economy, many multinationals organisations are establishing a presence in Vietnam. This brings with it increasing opportunities which has resulted in a high demand for local talent.

When is it time to move on

Are you thinking about the next step in your career? How do you when to move on from your current job? Read on for some key indicators professionals often encounter.

Vietnam as a medical hub

With the boom of phamaceutical, lifesciences and medicine in Vietnam, more global corporations are setting up operations in Vietnam. Read more here.

Tips to be a great leader

What are the qualities required of a successful leader? Here we look at some best practices on how great leaders carry themselves.

Tips to ace your work appraisal

Love them or hate them, an appraisal is something that takes place many times throughout your career. Read on for tips to preparing for your next appraisal.

The importance of soft skills

Beyond a candidate’s technical skills and flawless academic background, is being endowed with soft skills all that important in a technical role?

Succeed at your next interview

Interview coming up? Read on for our top tips and expert advice to help you impress at your next interview and to ensure you land the job.