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How to market yourself

Today’s business climate is more competitive than ever, and there are as many people out there jostling each other for the best job in town. Companies are always on the lookout for talents and high calibre professionals, and would be willing to pay a premium to recruit such candidates.

How then can you set yourself apart from the rest of the job-hunting herd, and be noticed by potential employers? Many organisations want people who know what they want and how to get it. They are seeking people who want to win and will work out a way of getting there.

Put on your sales cap

The most effective marketer knows how to position his/her product and tout all the benefits that are relevant to the needs of a buyer. Similarly, to close the sale and wow the employer, you need to expound on the benefits of the product – your strengths, work experience, industry knowledge, contacts, skills, abilities and successes, and quote examples that matter most to the company’s objectives or vision.

Be aware of market and industry trends so that you can build your strengths in the hot areas of specialisation, or discuss issues intelligently with potential employers or other contacts you have made at the networking events.

Be a networking guru

Network constantly and aggressively, but stay focused. Attend various business and social networking events to increase your profile, and contribute actively to these platforms by sharing your success stories, interesting case studies or market insights that you have gathered from the course of your work. 

Be aware of market and industry trends so that you can build your strengths in the hot areas of specialisation, or discuss issues intelligently with potential employers or other contacts you have made at the networking events.

Know the company inside out

Demonstrate your commitment and sincerity by asking concise, focused and clear questions about the company. The employer will see you as someone who is keen, proactive and really serious about the job and the organisation. Such an approach can help to establish your credibility and increase your profile above the other candidates.

Moving forward

Many people tend to focus too much on presenting their past job responsibilities instead of showcasing their prior achievements and accomplishments to prospective employers. One of the secrets to marketing yourself is to use your previous work experience and successes to convince the potential employers that you possess the knowledge, expertise and skills that their company and industry need to help move them forward.

Work with a reputable headhunter

Specialist recruitment consultants from reputable search firms can help highlight your most compelling transferable skills and build a strong case for you to hirers. When you work with head-hunters, you will also receive invaluable career consultation and advice, as well as professional coaching to help prepare you for interviews. A good recruitment consultancy can open up new career opportunities in the fields you desire, and provide a multitude of potential jobs from the high profile organisations or new industries that they represent.

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