A day in the life of a modern marketer

With global brands entering Vietnam and infiltrating the lives of consumers, the marketing discipline has taken on greater significance and increased in complexity.

We share insights on the varied marketing spectrum of responsibilities for the modern marketer. 



Churning out consumer insights

Traditionally, a single marketer would carry out research on a company’s product on an irregular basis. This information would then be used to analyse a competitor’s activity or develop new strategies to increase product sales. However, companies such as those in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector have realised the importance of marketing research in Vietnam. They are taking a step further to develop their own consumer insights team in order to reach specific sectors of the market. 

Consumer insights involve diving deeper into research and gathering detailed analysis which can later help firms understand consumers better. This includes knowledge of buying behaviours, purchasing trends, habits and other influencing factors. 

Managing a brand effectively 

When companies start reaping the rewards from their research efforts, they inevitably give new life to the product’s brand. As more successful brand launches start meeting the needs of different market segments, it becomes ineffective to just have one brand manager overseeing all the brands simultaneously. Brand managers are considered “gate keepers” of a product portfolio. They have a job of growing brands that they have under their wing. 

Traditionally, this responsibility has been established by advertising or consumer experience. However, since brands today can be quickly differentiated from competitors within a short time span, managers who possess strong analytical skills and marketing knowledge to create powerful messages will trump the competition.

Establishing corporate communications

Corporate communication has been a specialised discipline for over a decade. Now marketers are also required to communicate the organisation’s mission and vision not just to the public and consumers, but employees and all other stakeholders as well. Firms which are able to align their internal and external messages effectively tend to be more successful in their business.


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