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Steering your HR career into compensation & benefits (C&B) is a highly-viable option as employers are constantly on the lookout for capable professionals in this space.

As the employment landscape in Vietnam gets increasingly competitive, the C&B function becomes more and more critical as it focuses on attracting potential candidates to work in the company and retaining the best talent in the firm.

Developing your career

The nature of the job requires astute analytical skills. A C&B professional will be required to scrutinise competitors’ pay schemes and reward strategies to ensure their firm stays competitive in the industry. To progress to a managerial role, one needs to have the necessary leadership skills to manage a team. They are also required to execute strategic projects to bring the company forward, hire and retain the best talent available.

Key responsibilities

C&B professionals are in charge of leading and overseeing the design and management of HR specialist practices. These include people resourcing, reward and compensation as well as the development and implementation of reward strategies to attract potential candidates. Good interpersonal and communication skills are a must to ensure that all people practices are aligned with the organisation’s strategy.

It is beneficial if you are well-connected to both internal and external networks. Being constantly updated with current and future HR trends can provide valuable insights, making an impact on your company’s bottom line.

Distinguishing yourself from the masses

Excellent leadership skills are essential as the key role of a C&B manager is to manage a team, implement and oversee strategic projects. A high degree of analytical skills is required so as to make proper studies of pay schemes or benefit packages to provide employees with.

It is also encouraged that you take on extra training or courses to constantly upgrade yourself. Apart from acquiring new HR skills, ensuring a good balance of both soft and hard skills is also important. Professionals should have the ability to not just manage a team but also to make them feel appreciated and included within the organisation.


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