How to attract top IT talent


To be an IT employer of choice in Vietnam, hiring managers have to be aware of the needs and wants of professionals in order to best motivate them.

Here are the key factors IT candidates consider when switching to a new job.



Money is not everything

Not all companies are able to afford to attract top IT professionals with high salary. To be able to draw in talent, you need to come up with a competitive package that encompasses other assets such as bonuses, flexible working time and health benefits. The trick is to highlight the assets that your company can best provide.

Offer professional development

The best IT professionals no longer see employers offering to invest in their growth as a bonus, but as a basic expectation now. Offering training and development programs can be seen as advantageous and a distinct edge in both hiring and retention of IT talent. A consistent system that provides a clear route to skills development can be seen as an attractive recruiting tool.

Create positive employer branding

Hence to attract and retain high calibre IT talent, your organisation and its recruiting processes have to be top-notch, one that is streamlined to provide efficiency in recruitment practice.

Companies that succeed in attracting the best IT professionals in Vietnam often have a positive recruiting reputation.

Provide a clear career path

Motivation stems from how aware professionals are of their career progression planned from the moment they join the company. It is necessary for them to know that their future in the company is secure before they invest their talent.

Showcase company values

Even the most talented IT professionals will not be able to succeed in the company if they are unable to fit into the organisation’s culture. It is important to promote the company’s values to these professionals. This way, it will help draw the attention of like-minded individuals at the same time.

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