Building and leading teams in the new world of work

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has meant leaders, managers and teams have had to adapt to new ways of working. As organisations in Vietnam and around the world continue to transition to the new world of work, Robert Walters hopes to support employers in attracting, hiring and onboarding good talent that can help drive their businesses ahead.

Take a look at some of the hiring advice we have on leveraging technology, managing teams and embedding new talent into your organisation in this new era of work. 

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How are employees in Vietnam changing their perspectives on 'work'?

Our infographic presents invaluable insights to attracting, upskilling and bringing out the best in talent in a post-pandemic, hybrid workplace.

How do employees in Vietnam feel about remote working?

Our compiled infographic presents an in-depth look of how employees are adapting to a future of increasingly remote and virtual workspaces.

How to effectively manage your staff remotely

Working from home or remote working has become the norm today. With the rise of remote working, businesses need to ensure that their managers and team-leads are well geared up to ensure successful remote management that drives productivity in their remote workforce.

Top tips to make a hiring decision without the physical handshake

How can you feel confident when making an offer to a candidate that you’ve never met face to face? Here are our top tips to tackle the final hiring decision remotely.

How to manage the hiring process remotely

Has your organisation prepared for the recent shift in practice of hiring remotely? Use our tips to ensure you continue to attract the right talent.

Onboarding remotely: Mapping out an employee induction

Your new hire is geared up to start, but what will their induction look like? In the Robert Walters remote onboarding series, we support employers looking to attract, engage and introduce talent, all from home.
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Onboarding remotely: Why should you still invest in talent?

While investing in the right talent is key to business continuity, for many employers, hiring a remote workforce is navigating completely new territory. Find out why it's important to invest in talent now, more than ever.

How to remove unconscious bias from your hiring process

Every company wants to hire the best available talent, but could unconscious bias be getting in the way? We take a look at the tech and tools that can help remove bias from your recruitment process.

Seven ways to create a stand-out recruitment experience

Improve your chances of hiring the best talent out there by revitalising your recruitment process with these 7 simple steps.

In-depth guides

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Redefining the Future Business Leader

In this e-guide, we interviewed 9 business leaders from diverse industries across the world, to hear their experience and valuable lessons learnt while steering their companies through the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting ‘new normal’.

The role of HR in the new world of work - download the e-guide

HR professionals have been on the frontline of managing the impact of COVID-19 on business continuity. This e-guide discusses areas in which HR can have a real impact on what the new normal will look like.

The future of work - futureproofing careers and workforces

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the world’s largest ever workplace experiment as companies were forced to quickly mobilise their workforces from office-based working to home working with very little warning or preparation.

Returning to the new world of work

Robert Walters surveyed over 400 organisations in South East Asia to ask exactly this. We wanted to understand how businesses responded to Covid-19, what they really think about remote working, how they plan to return to the office and – most importantly – what their vision is for the new world of work.

Hiring for Potential in the 4th Industrial Revolution

In this e-guide we will explore the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on talent acquisition and how your organisation can future proof itself by hiring for potential rather than current skill set.

Leading Remote Teams

Change is the new constant and leaders must embrace sustainable practices that future-proof their businesses from crises to come. Remote working will become the new normal, and this ebook offers tips for leaders to effectively manage their teams.

Remote Onboarding

Is your business geared up for remote onboarding? Download and explore the Robert Walters e-guide to remote onboarding to learn how to hire, engage and onboard talent from home.

Remote Hiring

Is your business geared up for remote hiring? Download and explore the Robert Walters e-guide to remote hiring to learn how to hire the best talent from home.

Burning the Candle: Preventing Workplace Burnout

Not all stress is equal. In fact, a little bit of stress in the workplace is beneficial to all of us, boosting our ability to forge ahead, and aiding in the generation of novel ideas. However, chronic and persistent stress that hasn’t been managed can easily lead to burnout. In fact, in May 2019, “burnout” was added to the World Health Organisation's ICD-11 as an official diagnosis.

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