Hiring in Supply Chain and Procurement: Planning, digital skills necessary

Yen Nguyen, Senior Manager of Supply Chain & Engineering at Robert Walters Vietnam

Vietnam’s supply chain and procurement sector saw a slew of turnovers in 2022, particularly at the senior level. As borders re-opened, regional heads of manufacturing companies travelled to visit and replaced incumbents with new talent. Meanwhile, companies hired extensively at other levels as manufacturing activities resumed and workers could return to the factories.

“In the first half of 2022, demand for consumer products shot up amidst demand from domestic markets and exports. This led to a spike in hiring demand in the same period,” notesYen Nguyen, Senior Manager of Supply Chain & Engineering at Robert Walters Vietnam.

Read on to find out more about Yen's expectations of Vietnam’s labour market and hiring trends for Supply Chain and Procurement professionals in 2023.

Digitalisation and sourcing drives hiring demand

As digitalisation sweeps across the supply chain, there will be a pressing need for specialists with relevant experience and digital skillsets. Candidates with robust experience in demand planning are also highly sought after, as companies need to cope with fluctuating consumer demands both domestically and internationally.

Increasingly, companies are also looking to turn away from their usual suppliers in China, turning towards the local market when it comes to sourcing raw materials. “Sourcing for strong raw material suppliers in Vietnam is a tricky endeavour which requires a lot of skill, patience and experience,” Yen explains. For that reason, sourcing and procurement professionals with experience working with suppliers in Vietnam and markets other than China will be deeply valued.

International experience is a plus

In the year ahead, companies will set their sights on demand supply planning managers. The same goes for sourcing managers, particularly professionals with experience in raw material sourcing. Companies will also seek supply chain digitalisation managers with the right digital skillsets and experience to support their digitalisation efforts.

Lastly, Yen points out that candidates who have international work experience will be at an advantage.

Money is no longer the sole factor for talent

Yen's advice for companies in 2023 is to pay more attention to their organisational culture and employer branding. “Candidates today aren’t drawn to a role simply because of generous compensation or benefits. They value having work-life balance and the space to spend time with friends and family,” he explains.

Therefore, companies need to take a more hands-on and creative approach to attract and retain their talent. Starting from the recruitment process, companies should strive to build a positive impression of the company for candidates. Since candidates today value flexible work arrangements, companies will do well to provide this. Candidates also appreciate an inspirational and encouraging work culture where they are motivated to deliver their best.

Lastly, companies will also fare better at retaining employees by providing them with growth pathways. Yen suggests, “Let your employees take on new responsibilities or job scopes so they stay challenged.”

Salaries to rise

Candidates moving between jobs can expect a 10 to 20% increase in salaries. Meanwhile, salaries will likely go up by 5% to 10% for employees who undergo annual salary reviews with their companies.

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