Robert Walters Leadership Podcast E15: Conversation with Hong Le, Grab

Vietnam is rapidly embracing digital, e-commerce services and products. From Web3 to Metaverse, companies and talent are now on the hunt for the next big thing to better bring products to market.

In today’s digital environment, how can companies of all sizes quickly adapt, overcome challenges and find the right talent? How can professionals better position themselves on the latest trends? What can we do to keep our edge in the competitive digital/e-commerce market?

Hong Le, Head of GrabMart, Merchant & Strategy at Grab, shares more on bringing brands online in this episode of our Talent Talk with Robert Walters in South East Asia. Don’t miss Hong’s advice as well on growing a career through diverse but complementary experience.

Our Robert Walters Leadership Podcast is part of our Talent Talk series, where we feature leaders from diverse industries and the sharing of their experience, advice, and insights into the world of work. Watch the videocast of this episode here.

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