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In The News: Salary Survey 2020

According to our Salary Survey 2020, hiring levels in Vietnam remained healthy. The country continues to see an increasing demand for tech talent, experienced senior professionals with a good understanding of local cultures and manufacturing professionals.

In The News: Hire based on potential

Robert Walters recently issued a recruitment e-guide, “Grow your talent: Hire based on your potential”. Rather than vying for talent within this already-limited pool, the report shows the benefits of hiring based on potential, giving pointers on how to identify high-potential candidates, hire and empower them to fulfil their potential.

In The News: The Tech Talent Shortage

Robert Walters recently issued a technology e-guide, “5 Lessons in Tackling the Tech Talent Shortage”. Combining insights from forward-thinking business leaders, HR experts, hiring managers and tech professionals, the guidebook shares key learnings on attracting and retaining tech talent – from creating innovative recruitment and retention strategies, providing learning and growth opportunities within the organisation, to zooming in on the instrumental role of tech leaders.