In the news: Robert Walters Salary Survey 2019 shows positive outlook in Vietnam

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Robert Walters has recently released our annual Salary Survey 2019, focusing on Vietnam and other countries in South East Asia. The book acts as a guide for Asian companies, gathering information about professional salaries across various industries and illuminating recruitment trends for the next year. 

According to Salary Survey 2019, as the Vietnam market matures, there will be a greater need for senior talent. Candidates who equip themselves with the relevant digital skills will find them well-positioned in the market. In 2019, job movers can expect an average increment of 15-25% in salary. 

Given the shortage of talent with necessary skills and expertise, companies should consider hiring overseas Vietnamese talent to help the situation. Robert Walters' Come Home Phở Good campaign helps companies identify and hire overseas Vietnamese professionals. 

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Salary Survey 2019
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