Accounting & finance experts likely to receive average salary increments of 15-25%

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With a continued strong flow of foreign investment in 2018, hiring activity is also expected to be positive, finds our latest Salary Survey 2018

A rise in the number of restructures and transformations in 2017 led to Vietnam becoming a more employer driven job market. Several firms downsized and relocated functions to more efficient offshore locations. 

In addition, the closure of several oil and gas companies in Vietnam resulted in massive headcount reductions.

On average, accounting and finance professionals moving jobs received salary increments of 15-25% in 2017. This trend is expected to continue in 2018.

This was among the key findings of the Robert Walters Salary Survey for 2018. The annual survey contains recruitment market updates, hiring advice and benchmarks salaries across our global markets.

With a continued strong flow of foreign investment in 2018, hiring activity is expected to be positive. High-potential candidates with a good mix of technical and interpersonal skills will be sought after by multinational corporations. 

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