Biggest hiring trend ahead in candidate-driven market

In 2021, hiring was still taking place, particularly for trading and commercial offices based in Ho Chi Minh City and other larger cities in Vietnam. However, some manufacturing companies ceased operations in the past year, which drove recruitment volumes down a little.

This being the second year of the pandemic, most companies have already adapted accordingly. Companies in Vietnam now have the ability to conduct their recruitment and onboarding processes completely online and remotely.

Silvia Quirino, Manager of Commerce Finance, Legal and HR at Robert Walters Vietnam, provides an update on the hiring market in 2021, and forecasts what lies ahead for candidates and hiring managers alike in 2022.

Move fast and expedite selection process

“Heading into 2022, Vietnam remains a candidate-driven market, and this is the primary driver behind the biggest hiring trends in the year ahead,” explains Sylvia.

She adds, “To secure the right talent, companies will look to move fast and expedite their selection process. Particularly for HR, candidates aren’t only looking at the job description and salary package. They’re looking for the right fit in terms of company culture and opportunities for growth, so companies will be looking to address this in new ways. Lastly, given the nature of the market, there is an increased inclination towards hiring candidates based on their potential, with the prospect of developing their skillsets on the job.”

International experience is highly sought after

As Sylvia highlights, “In the coming year, business-oriented positions, such as HR Generalists and HR Business Partners, will be in high demand. Companies want HR professionals who can support their business strategy, retain talent and deliver results. As more HR professionals collaborate with colleagues in the company’s headquarters or regional offices, strong communication skills in Vietnamese and English are vital. Candidates with past international work experience in HR are also highly sought after for the same reason.”

Be open-minded and flexible

“For hiring managers looking to recruit and retain talent in 2022, a piece of advice I can share is to be open-minded to candidates who may not seem like a 100% fit on paper but nevertheless present great potential. Hire based on potential and work together with these candidates to help them grow,” says Sylvia.

She also points out, “Over the past year, we have seen some companies in the Tech sector struggling to find candidates from the same industry. My suggestion to these companies is to be more open-minded and flexible about prior industry background. This advice is also applicable to other sectors that face a limited talent supply pool as well. Secondly, companies can also improve their employer brand by using tools and information to share more about their company culture. This helps you to attract new potential employees, and also create a shared sense of identity and purpose with your existing employees.”

Talent with strong language and communication skills, and international experience will be sought to work closely with headquarters and regional teams.

Remuneration increases in Tech and Fintech

In 2022, for HR support functions, we expect salaries to be similar to those in 2021. There might, however, be an increase in HR salaries within niche industries, such as Tech and Fintech.

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