Hiring in Human Resources: HR hiring market gains momentum

Silvia Quirino, Manager at Robert Walters Vietnam

In the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was less common for human resources professionals within a given industry to move into a new role. Job security aside, these professionals were busy with dealing with the pandemic and resulting employee engagements. The situation has since changed in 2022, notes Silvia Quirino, Senior Manager at Robert Walters Vietnam.

“We observed a higher turnover across different companies and industries for Head of HR positions. Candidates felt more confident now about the current economic situation and are willing to take a risk and move jobs,” Silvia notes.

Competition for talent nonetheless remains high, even with an increase in openness towards high potential candidates. “Candidates may be closed off to specific companies, industries or positions due to earlier impressions that they have formed. Meanwhile, companies made more specific demands, like preferring candidates with experience in the industry, or those who are more seasoned. Already, there is a limited supply of qualified candidates, especially as we’re seeing a higher volume of candidates moving from one industry to another,” says Silvia.

Read on to find out more about Silvia’s expectations of Vietnam’s labour market and hiring trends for Human Resources professionals in 2023.

Both specialists and generalists will be in demand

All industries in Vietnam will seek out human resources candidates who are business-oriented. There is a demand for all types of profiles, but small and mid-sized organisations will seek out generalists who can manage the responsibilities of their function end-to-end. Meanwhile, bigger organisations will set their sights on specialists to further drive certain targets and projects.

Staffing and strategic skill sets take the stage

According to Silvia, HR skill sets that will be in demand in 2023 include business partnering, talent management and talent acquisition. Roles such as HR Business Partner, HR Manager (Generalist) and Talent Acquisition will also be highly sought after.

Prioritise employer branding

Candidates move for many reasons. “In 2023, candidates will likely move to search for a better culture fit, work-life balance or new environments that challenge them. Trendy industries like consumer or technology sectors have also attracted many strong candidates,” shares Silvia.

“My advice to hiring managers in 2023 is to better attract candidates by creating a positive first impression. Focus on your employer branding and develop a strong reputation in the job market. Candidates are drawn to companies with an inspirational work culture, and will move when they can see pathways for growth in an organisation. Of course, good compensation packages and benefits are also an important factor,” Silvia relates.

Similar salaries, but more benefits

In 2023, salaries for HR professionals will be similar, with companies expected to provide more benefits like bonuses or flexible/remote work arrangements.

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