In The News: The Tech Talent Shortage


The shortage in tech talents is becoming a tough challenge for businesses. In our newly issued technology guidebook “Five Lessons in Tackling the Tech Talent Shortage”, 68% of the hiring managers said that it took 3 months or more to fill an open tech position. Besides, 70%  stated the shortage of tech talent has negatively affected their speed of product development. 

Adrien Bizouard, Country Manager of Robert Walters Vietnam pointed out that it is necessary for Vietnam companies nowadays to take further steps and think out-of-the-box to attract and retain tech talents to satisfy the requirement of business growth. 

The five lessons outlined in the guidebook which hiring managers can take into consideration:

  1. Go the extra mile in your recruitment process
  2. Bring the meaning back in benefits by being flexible and offer what your employees really need
  3. The whole is greater than the sum so hire people with potential and leverage the skills from the other team members
  4. Encourage 360° learning through unconventional training methods and learning opportunities
  5. Leading from the top by showing appreciation for the work the tech talent is bringing to the organisations 

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e-Guide: Tackle the tech talent shortage