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Bringing overseas Vietnamese talent home

With an increasing demand for local talent, Robert Walters Vietnam is leveraging our international network of offices to attract Vietnamese professionals from overseas who are potentially interested in a move back home.

“Come Home Phở Good” is our outreach program targeting overseas Vietnamese professionals, sharing market research, insight and updates on the job market in Vietnam.

For Vietnamese professionals looking to move back home, please feel free to speak with me to find out more about opportunities in Vietnam.

Vicky Truong, Senior International Candidate Manager
E: or T: (84) (28) 3520 7913

Are you thinking of returning home to Vietnam for a new job opportunity? We can help.

At Robert Walters Vietnam, we specialise in placing mid-to-senior level roles across a variety of industries including accounting & finance, engineering, HR, IT, sales & marketing, supply chain, procurement & logistics and healthcare, for multinational and local firms.

If you are interested to find out more about the latest job opportunities available that matches your talents or would like to hear about the market trends in Vietnam, sign up now to stay updated! 

What Come Home Phở Good campaign has to offer? 

With our dedicated Come Home Phở Good campaign, we are able to identify and connect with Vietnamese professionals who are living and working overseas and are looking to move back home. We have a strong database of Vietnamese talent registered in our local and overseas offices, across 30+ countries who are potentially interested in a job in Vietnam. We work with companies to proactively build their pipeline of candidates to ensure they have the right candidate at the right time. 

Find out more how we can help you hire local talent here


What are the overseas Vietnamese professionals’ interest on returning back home?

Our compiled infographic unveils professionals’ desires in moving back, the push and pull factors when it comes to returning home, and what factors do they consider when looking for a new job. 

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A guide on securing highly skilled Vietnamese talent based overseas

Have you or your organisation considered tapping into the pool of Vietnamese talent overseas? Do you find it challenging to seek and secure those professionals? Our new e-guide may offer a great help and introduce you to our Come Home Phở Good campaign. 

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Robert Walters Salary Survey 2023

Whether you are seeking a new position upon returning home, or preparing for your return, the Salary Guide provides you with all the essential information to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve, including an overview of salaries and industries in the job market.

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Vicky Truong

Vicky Truong

Senior International Candidate Manager

Robert Walters Vietnam

(84) (28) 3520 7913

“Hi there, I am Vicky Truong, and I currently lead the Come Home Phở Good campaign at Robert Walters Vietnam.

After graduating from the University College Dublin in 2015 with an honours degree in Human Resources Management, I spent almost 7 years working abroad before returning to develop a career back home in Vietnam. Today, I am constantly amazed by Vietnam’s booming economy and its rapid need for talent across all industries.

As International Candidate Manager, I support overseas Vietnamese professionals in searching for and securing the most suitable career opportunities back home.

If you are looking for an overseas Vietnamese talent for your organisation, or if you are exploring a career back home, feel free to reach out to me.”